„Magic Moments” is our 4th movie finally made on HD which presents most 

talented polish riders like Wojtek Pajak, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Kuba 

Dytkowski, Kuba Skrzypkowski,

Mateusz Zielonka, Radek Czastkiewicz, Bazsi Takacs from Hungar and our 

friends from Czech rep.

In Magic Moments movie you’ll find incredible and exceptional polish 

places, sceneries, footage which we collective during our trips across 

the europe (Romania, Austria, France, Italy) in conjunction with good 

progressive riding, unforgettable moments, passion, motivation…

to see some Magic Moments screenshot visit our blog 


the movie is supported by Burton, Sessions, Rome, Dragon, Analog, Ride

movie will be free to download on meptv in september 2009.

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tel: +48508360003